How This Journey Began

I have been trying to lose weight for close to 30 years or more. I’ve had weight issues nearly all my life. I’ve tried various diets, exercising, etc, and as you can tell, none of them had a lasting effect. I’d lose some weight and eventually gain it back. There was no necessary lasting lifestyle change.

So what makes this time different?  This weight loss actually took me by surprise. It came as part of a much larger overall lifestyle change.

Before I began losing weight, I was at a point in my life where I was 90% absolutely miserable. I was working long hours and felt like I was drowning. I was depressed, completely exhausted morning and night. I’d leave early in the morning, with terrible food choices, come home to more awful food choices, and fall into a fitful sleep. I’d joined a gym but had no time to exercise. I had no time to shop for healthy food and no desire to cook healthy meals.  I had seen a bariatric surgeon, who was rude, expensive and of no help. His solution was to exercise and join an expensive diet program run by another medical group.  I was literally dying by inches.

When I discussed my situation with my doctor the year before, (I was in tears, nearly hysterical), her solution was to leave my job.  I was devastated at the thought, and put it off until I realized my co-worker’s comments were sadly, frighteningly, true: “you need to get out of this job before it kills you.”

So, I quit my job.  It was a terribly depressing time. Sometime after the Christmas holidays, I had stopped getting fast food or almost any kind of takeout. I had stopped cooking for the most part, skipping a few meals, eating a lot of yogurt and fruit. I just wasn’t hungry anymore. I had put it down to depression.

About February, people started commenting that I’d lost weight, and I didn’t pay much attention. If anything, I thought “at least that’s good.” In March I went to my doctor for another reason and she tells me I’ve lost weight. At the time I didn’t really acknowledge the amount. I went back for a follow-up 6 weeks later, and she was practically ecstatic to see that I had lost a total of 44 lbs.  At that time, I Made a more conscious effort to lose weight, choosing more proteins and vegetables over high carb food, but it was still not a conscious lifestyle change.

Shortly after that appointment, I saw a television show that more or less solidified my determination to continue the weightloss.  It was a program about a super morbidly obese woman who had a gastric bypass and was successful in losing weight. (I have since seen several of these programs.)

It was at this point that I came to a few realizations:1) that until I deal with my food addiction, I will never lose the weight for good; 2) that I need to make a significant lifestyle change; and 3) until I make this change, no diet will help me.

That’s when the real change began. I’ve continued to lose weight and worked hard to make changes not in my diet, but in my living habits. That’s where lasting changes are made.

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